Electronic design and production

At STC Europe we have our own Research and Development department where we can develop custom made electronics. Going from PCB design to firmware- and software solutions. We have experience in all kind of industries, going from automotive to lighting etc...

Due to our in-house SMT Pick and place assembly line, we can deliver a complete product in a very short time frame. For bigger projects, we can coöperate with our experienced subcontracters.

Cable and wiring solutions

Our Cable and Wiring department is equipped with various machines for cutting, stripping the cables and crimping on both sides of them all types of electrical terminals.

Due to our flexibility, we are able to make custom-made cable and wiring solutions.

Mechanical design and production

When developing a product, we first make a mechanical design in 3D before prototyping. This way our client will have a better look at the developed product.


After the testing phase, the assembly of the incomplete product will start. In this phase we will perform a specific, successive operation in a series of stages.


All products will be labelled and packed according to the clients’ wishes.

Transportation can be done by STC Europe or by our experiened partners.

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STC Europe
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