Ghost solutions

In the entrance of the boarding school in the Akkerstraat of Overpelt in Belgium a LED-solution from STCeurope, namely a LED Cross, marks the beginning of the work. The cross gives you a welcoming feeling. In the corridors we see angled LED light strips fully incorporated into the wall. It is magnificent to see that the display surface of the illuminated lines are equal to the wall surface. The lines breaks up the space and increases spectacularly the dynamics. The color of the LED light strips are digitally controlled and plays the color spectrum slowly. All colors occurs fine, excepts the primary colors.

LED light strip   LED light sqaure

With modernism in mind we created a line, a square and a circle. The figures were performed in location-language of a thickness of a half centimeter that can count as a contrast with the matterless of the LED lights in the background.

 LED light circle   IMG_5668

This work can be remotely controlled by the user and can be brought in the wanted color to bring you in the mood.

Because of the application possibilities, the durability and the low consumption the artist, Luc Hoekx, has chosen a LED solution from STCeurope.

For this project there were no standard solution allowed by the specificity of the design and the possible space. That why everything had to be constructed from scratch. This gave birth to a lot of headaches, were art meets technology.

Minimalism requires an extensive detailing and a high level finishing touch.

 dsc_0001  IMG02101-20120803-1348

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